Charades in Egypt — Joseph and the Brothers

Last time we left Joseph working the cash register during the famine in Egypt. We now bring in the brothers. You remember … the ones who sold him into slavery a few years earlier. They are now at home with Dad (Jacob) in Canaan. Things are not going well there … because there’s a famine. And the brothers take off for Egypt to see if they can get some help. Dad and the youngest brother Benjamin stay home. Dad must have been suspicious about the last time he sent out one of the youngest brothers with the older ones.

  • The brothers appear before Jacob. This is where the charades begin. How could all 10 brothers not recognize Joseph? And when they leave to go back to Canaan the first time, how could they not know their sacks were filled with silver? And once they got back to Canaan (with a ton of food) why did they sit around for a year or so eating that food while one of the brothers was being held as a hostage back in Egypt?
  • Joseph finally makes the big reveal when the brothers return. But he says everything’s OK between them because it was God who made all this happen. No hard feelings. OK? But Joseph does rub it in a little when he tells them to go back and tell Dad which brother was the biggest success in the family. And still there’s no explanation for all the charades, the hostage taking, and the trips back and forth to Canaan. 
  • Searching for reasons. The Chief Editor will likely never fully embrace metaphysical thinking on these stories. Nevertheless, we had the interns dig out some of the more interesting metaphysical interpretations from the Unity playbook. 
    • What does Joseph represent? The highest perception of Truth, expressing through the imaging faculty in physical consciousness (Egypt), is represented by Joseph.
    • Why the multiple trips to Egypt by the brothers? The first trip was in preparation for the final reconciliation that was to take place between the intellect and the body. We cannot have a joyous reunion of soul and body unless we are willing let the higher thoughts (Joseph) descend into the subconsciousness (Egypt).
    • What does the “land of Egypt” represent? Metaphysically, the “land of Egypt” represents the subconscious mind. It is the realm of substance and life in body consciousness. 

    OMG. We know some of our readers love this metaphysical stuff. And we’re pretty sure our outside metaphysical consultant will be drafting a strongly worded email to the Chief Editor later this morning. But the Chief Editor just does not get it.

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